Health Behavior Change Research Paper

Introduction to health behavior change research paper help. The only constant thing in life is change, we experience change in many facets of life and human behavior is one of them. Research has proved that most health conditions can be attributed to risky change in behavior such as substance abuse, drinking, having unprotected sex and overeating. An introduction to health behavior change research paper should critically look at all these factors, and the impact they have on human health.

Theories of Individual Health Behavior Change

The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) and Health Belief Model (HBM) are the two most widely used theories of individual health behavior change because both are practical, intuitive, and easily applied. Some situations could use both theories, and you may find that both have similarities. Still, there are important differences. To prepare for this Assignment, select a chronic or infectious disease, apply both models, and decide which of the two provides the best model for behavior change in your particular case.

The Assignment 4 pages for this assignment I selected alcohol abuse among college students please see article downloaded also if you want to you can select another peer-review article or an article that your would like to write on the following Instructions • Compare (similarities and differences) the theoretical constructs of the Transtheoretical Model and the Health Belief Model. • Apply each of these models to the chronic or infectious disease you selected. Include a diagram or table to illustrate the application of each model.

• Explain which model is more appropriate to bring about positive health change for the disease you selected and justify your choice. Please do not copy and paste any thing to this paper. Also please use your own words. This paper goes through a plagiarism check and also use APA 7th edition for this paper.

Over the course of the semester you will be working on a health behavior change. For this week’s assignment, you will be discussing the health behavior you would like to engage in. This should be written in paragraph form, single-spaced, and equivalent to at least 2 -3 paragraphs in length. Please include the following information in your reflection paper-

What health topic do you personally want to focus on over the course of the semester?

Why is this health topic important to you?

What behaviors or behaviors will help you achieve this goal?

Write a word, quote, or phrase that will remind you why this change is important to you.

Develop a 30 day SMART Goal using the template provided (SMART Goal Template.pptx)

Applying the Social Ecological Model on Health Behavior Change

What levels and specific factors within each level of the social ecological model do you see have the greatest impact on your personal behavior change?

Which factors do you have the most control over changing and why?

How might you go about changing those factors to better support your efforts?

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