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For years, nursing has been a leading career choice for individuals who are passionate about giving and improving the quality of health in your nursing paper and the medical field. Due to this, the pressure to perform in nursing school and actually qualify to join the medical field has been immense. This explains why thousands of nursing students seek the help of professionals to help them ‘write my paper’ online. Getting a spot in nursing school is hard enough, staying in is the biggest hurdle. While in here, you will be expected to handle hard-nut assignments which are expected to be done to perfection. With this kind of pressure on their shoulders, nursing students result in seeking reliable nursing writing help online.

Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Paper

Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing and the main topic is below: Is informed consent a “yes or no” response? Enhancing the shared decision-making process for persons with aphasia. Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Paper on “Is informed consent a “yes or no” response? Enhancing the shared decision-making process for persons with aphasia.” Please follow the following rubric strictly:

• Search minimum of 8 scholarly nursing journals for peer review articles or scholarly nursing journal article about health care involving ethical dilemma in nursing. Must be referenced in your paper • The paper addresses the following, and MUST include following points • What is the ethical dilemma? How does the dilemma affect nursing? • • What are the main moral issues raised in the situation?

• o Discuss two bioethical principals as they relate to the ethical dilemma. • Based on personal, group, and societal moralities, identifies a value of your own personal morality. • o Describe that value’s relationship with the morality of a group or society you are currently living. • The paper cites at least 8 references Organization/Development • The paper is 6-7 pages in length. Not including title page and reference page • The introduction of the nursing paper provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. • The conclusion is logical, flows, and reviews the major points.

Philosophy of Nursing Paper

The philosophy of nursing paper is a two-page, double-spaced, 1” margin reflective “mission” statement. When thinking about nursing, in the first person, summarize your guiding principles using present tense. Criteria: 1. Personal beliefs: Describe your values and beliefs about nursing paper. You may use “I believe…” statements that include your: a. Your definition of nursing. b. Assumptions (beliefs) on how nursing is interrelated to clients (Who are they?), health (What is it?), and the environment (Where is nursing practiced?). c. Beliefs about the profession of nursing. d. Significance of collaboration with other health professionals.

2. Nursing as a career: Demonstrate that you have given thought to your career and explain the rationale for your decision. a. Inspiration from the past. (Who or what?) b. Define professional goals. c. Identify roles and responsibilities to advance the profession of nursing. d. How you will provide safe, effective care? e. How your academic preparation will facilitate your positive contributions to the health care system?

3. Organization, grammar, and APA format: Proofread your paper before submission to make sure that your paper: a. Complies with length requirements; b. Consistently uses APA (6th edition) format (title page, running headers, headings, subheadings, page numbers, if needed, in-text citations and reference list); and

c. Is free of grammatical, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and organizational (introduction, body and summary with logical flow) errors. *You can organize the essay as it has outlined on the criteria to make sure you include all the contents that are listed. Use the Cultural Assessment Tool in Purnell and Paulanka’s Model for writing a cultural/heritage assessment paper. • Assess Ethiopian culture my applying this model and all 12 domains. Describe your own ethnic ( OROMO), cultural and religious ( MUSLIM) background. In performing your heritage, determine how deeply you identify with your traditional heritage. • Compare and contrast, briefly, your background with that of a classmate from another culture

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